When starting a company, there are a lot of unknowns and I had to learn a lot of things I didn't know as a scientist. The training provided me with the skills and knowledge to fill in the gaps I was missing to build a successful business.

Mina Mekhail, Co-founder of Impactful Health & PhD in Biomedical Engineering

The program has three phases where you will explore the viable applications of your technology, create a strong network in the ecosystem, and learn what it takes to found a company.

Phase 1:


Think beyond the lab and discover the leading methodologies to disrupt markets.

Phase 2:


Explore potential markets for your technology and secure your first customer.

Phase 3:


Launch your startup and create a successful customer acquisition strategy for your market.

We provide you with curated content, opportunities to meet with experienced entrepreneurs, and a community of like-minded researchers looking to break out of the lab.

Join one of our upcoming cohorts:

Fall 2020

The program is accessible to all researchers who are exploring the possibility of starting a business. You must be:

  • Affiliated to one of Quebec universities that includes graduate students, recent graduates, postdocs and researchers.

  • Able to commit 3 hours per week to complete the online and coaching sessions.

  • Willing to collaborate and discuss in online forums, as well as engage in scheduled online webinars.

Margaret Magdesian, Co-founder of Ananda Devices & PhD in Neuroscience

"I was a scientist all my life and had no entrepreneurial experience before. However, I knew I needed to take the leap because that is how I can turn my idea into a tangible impact. Patents and papers only impact everyday lives when they become a product, a therapy or a tool. I’ve grown tremendously since thanks to the right support to guide me along my entrepreneurial journey."

Charles C. Onu, Co-founder of Ubenwa & PhD in Computer Science

"I highly recommend this program as it is a confluence of coaches and experts who are not only committed to helping scientists discover entrepreneurship and bring their research to market, but also equipped to do so effectively.”

Join the Fall 2020 cohort

Deadline: October 1st, 2020




The Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ) is partnering with District 3 Innovation Centre to provide an online lab-to-market program to transform Quebec's researchers into entrepreneurs.

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