Get Real-World Experience in Emerging Tech

Become a District 3 Resident

Break down the barriers of your discipline by turning ideas into practical solutions for startups in emerging technology. By the end of the program, you’ll have gained real-world experience working in multidisciplinary teams on several projects, learned innovation best-practices, and expanded your network with like-minded peers and industry leaders. 

What You Gain

12 Week Full Time Paid Internship 

Immersive Curriculum & Workshops

Coaching from Experts 

I feel more confident in the value of my ideas, how to work and communicate in a multidisciplinary team, and how to conceive of ideas in terms of real-world needs, practicality, and solutions.

Kelly McManus, District 3 Resident Alumnus

Meet the Team


What do you look for in applicants?

You need to be a current or recent graduate of Concordia University, and available for 13 weeks on a full-time basis in the summer (May to July). We look for individuals who like to take on challenges, seek fresh perspectives, and want to be part of the new generation of innovation leaders. You will need to be comfortable with high levels of collaboration and a dynamically shifting work environment.

How long do residencies last?

Our residency typically lasts 13 weeks and is a full-time internship.

Are these paid internships?


I’m an international student attending Concordia University, can I apply for the residency?

The residencies are considered to be on-campus work opportunities. Please refer to Concordia University’s International Students Office to gain more information around whether you are eligible to work in Canada with the permit or visa you may be holding.

Am I eligible to apply if I am not a Concordia student?

Unfortunately, the residency program is only open to Concordia students and recent graduates. 


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