Build your Biotech Startup

BioHub Program

As a researcher in emerging technologies, one of the biggest challenges in building a company is identifying the market viability of your research. District 3’s Biohub program provides you with the necessary tools and frameworks for finding research-market fit.  

Where research meets market demand

An 8-week program for early-stage scientific entrepreneurs who are completing or have completed a masters, PhD, or Postdoc in STEM fields and want to find research-market fit. Founders will gain the knowledge, skills, and network to build a viable business with the potential for global impact in the biotech fields.

Weekly workshops & networking events with renowned experts
15 hours per week time commitment
Eligibility to access our state-of-the-art wetlab 

When starting a company, there are a lot of unknowns and I had to learn things I didn’t know as a scientist. The training provided me with the skills and knowledge to fill in the gaps I was missing to build a successful business."

Margaret Magdesian, Ph.D., Co-founder of Ananda Devices

What You Gain

Complete an Industry Gap Analysis

Customer interviews and identification of market needs.

Develop a Prototype and Test Your Solution

Learn the fundamentals of prototyping, assessing the technical feasibility of your solutions, and how to test it in the market.

Build Your Startup Roadmap

Develop a detailed roadmap to help you recruit a strong team and raise funds for your startup. 

Our Biohub District

The first of its kind in Canada, the BioHub provides state-of-the-art dry and wet laboratories to help you develop successful products based on scientific discoveries and ideas.

Technical Equipment
Lab Bench
Co-Working Space
Interdisciplinary Expert Network

Our Coaches & Mentors

Our Partners

Génome Québec


Who can use the Biohub?

The Biohub is reserved for District 3 startups who are focusing on expanding their research and developing prototypes.

What equipment do you have in the Biohub and where is it located?

The Biohub includes the following equipment and instrumentation, and it is available to use to District 3 startups who meet requirements:

  • Cell Culture & Molecular Biology: Microbiology and CO2 Incubators, Biological Safety Cabinet, Thermal Cycler, refrigerated, non-refrigerated and high-speed centrifuges, refrigerated and incubated shakers.
  • Analytics: Imaging System, quantitative PCR, spectrometer, and nanodrop/microvolume spectrometer
  • Chemistry: HPLC, analytical and top-loading balances
  • Cold Storage: -30 and -80 freezers, and refrigerators
  • Subsidized access to Concordia’s Genome Foundry 

The Biohub is located on the first floor of the Applied Sciences Hub, a building that is in the process of receiving a LEED Gold certification. This means that all users will soon be proud to work on a sustainable and green-certified building! .

How much does it cost to use the wetlab?

Our lab is free to use for any of District 3’s life sciences startups. We don’t charge you for the equipment, we don’t take equity and your intellectual property remains your own. 

Do I require safety training to use the wetlab?

You will need to get training provided by Concordia University Environmental Health & Safety.

I’m a researcher not part of Concordia University, can I still use the wetlab?

The Biolab is reserved for researchers who are completing District 3’s programs.

Not ready to apply for the BioHub Program? Need to further validate your idea?