Become BioLingual

Work in the Biotech Industry

Deadline: Fall 2020

The BioLingual program is a 4-week intensive that enables MBAs and engineers to gain an understanding of the science and the language behind Biotech in order to work in this emerging field.

What You Gain

Active Learning: Get practical learning opportunities through interactive activities during the live sessions.

Hands-On Analysis: Learn how the latest technologies can be used to engineer biological solutions within a given problem-set

Access to Networking & Job Opportunities: Develop your network and meet District 3 startups and biotech scientists looking for co-founders and team members.

“We are witnessing the rapid emergence of the bioeconomy revolution that is set to define the next decades with innovations in synthetic biology, genomics, biological engineering, and much more. There’s a blue ocean of opportunities to work in this field.”

Xavier-Henri Hervé, Founder & Executive Director of District 3


The program is composed of 8 units offered online via live streaming. Each unit is a 2 hour session with at least 30 minutes dedicated to activities to be completed throughout the lectures. Instructors will moderate activities during online sessions; participants will be required to work on interactive activities and pre-reads.

The units will cover the following topics:

Unit 1 – What is Synthetic Biology?
Unit 2 – Macromolecules
Unit 3 – Gene expression
Unit 4 – Biotechnology
Unit 5 – Enzymes and Enzymatic Pathways
Unit 6 – An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
Unit 7 – An Introduction to Immunology
Unit 8 – The Future of Translational Research in Biotech

The program will culminate with a speed networking session with biotech scientists and founders looking for team members for their startups.

Coaches & mentors

Laila Benameur, Ph.D
Program Lead
Laila Benameur, Ph.D
Program Lead

Program Lead

Laila is leading the Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship program (QcSE) at District 3 Innovation Center. QcSE is an online lab-to-market program that helps PhDs, Post-Docs and Researchers to build world-changing tech companies derived from their academic research.

Laila Benameur is the co-founder of Impactful Health R&D, a startup that develops active packaging solutions to prolong the shelf life of fresh fish. Laila completed a Ph.D. in nanoscience and nanotoxicology from Aix-Marseille University. Following her graduation, she worked as a teaching assistant and postdoctoral researcher at McGill University, as well as a scientific recruitment consultant in industry.


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What is the eligibility criteria for the BioLingual Program?

You are eligible if you have completed or are currently completing an MBA or an engineering degree. You must be willing to commit a minimum of 7 hours per week.

What is the length and time commitment of the program?

The program is from July 6-29, 2020. The live sessions will be held online on Mondays and Wednesday from 7-9 pm.

What are the fees associated with this program?

The only cost is an administrative fee of $20 due upon admittance to the program.

Do I need a background in biology to participate?

No, this program does not require any preliminary knowledge in the field.

Will I earn a certificate or credit for completing the program?

This program does not give you credits towards your degree, but you will receive a certificate of completion.