AI in Genomics Program

Artificial Intelligence is the next big player in Genomics

The AI in Genomics Program is a 14-week intensive that trains life sciences students on how to deploy artificial intelligence/machine learning models to real-life genomics applications. Open to recent graduates in life sciences, including biology, neuroscience, bioinformatics, biomedical engineering, among others; candidates with prior experience in genomics data and programming looking to transition into machine learning development are welcome.

What You Gain

The AI in Genomics program offers practical learning opportunities through interactive activities and workshops. Learn how AI and machine learning can be used for data analysis; develop working machine learning prototypes for areas of interest; understand the ethical implications of AI – while expanding your network of startups and biotech scientists looking for co-founders and team members.

Kick-start your career in an emerging field
Uncover Machine Learning Genome papers for further development
Create a full pipeline Machine Learning model
Build your skills and portfolio

Through this program, I realized that many genomics problems could be solved through machine learning. We gained a strong understanding of the entire process of building AI models to accelerate genomics research.”

Qifei Zhao, Program Alumnus, BSc. in Computer Science

Our Program

The program is composed of 14 units offered online via live stream. Each unit is a 2-hour session with at least 30 minutes dedicated to interactive activities, moderated by instructors. Participants will be required to do pre-reads, participate in interactive activities, and build a prototype of their model. The program will culminate with a ‘demo day’ with the opportunity to win a prize. 

Python primer
Areas of interest in genomics
Machine learning bootcamp
Data discovery, accessibility, & storage
Validation & ethical Considerations
Building a model prototype
Demo day & networking session

Meet the team

Our Partners

Génome Québec


Who is eligible?

A background in life science is required with an initial understanding of programming in python.  Preference will be given to those who are already in teams of 2-3 people.

What is the length and time commitment of the program?

The program is from January 15-April 13 2021. You must be able to commit to 15 hours/week ~ 3 hours of online workshops and 12 hours of work per week.

What are the fees associated with the program?

The only cost is an administrative fee of $20 due upon admittance.

Will I earn a certificate or credit for completing the program?

This program does not give you credits towards your degree, but you will receive a certificate of completion.