Explore the market viability
of your research.

Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship Program (QcSE)


As a researcher in emerging technologies, you may be considering an alternative career path beyond academia. Our online lab-to-market program helps you explore entrepreneurship to transform your academic research into a world-changing tech company.

What You Gain

The QcSE program consists of three phases where you will explore the viable applications of your technology, create a strong network in the innovation ecosystem, and learn what it takes to commercialize your research.

Methodologies for Market Disruption
Market Exploration & Preliminary Validation
Network Building in the Innovation Ecosystem

“QcSE helped me transform a vague idea into a focused business plan that I can go forward with.”

Eisha Ahmed, PhD candidate, QcSE Graduate

Our Program

A 12-week program for researchers who are completing or have completed a master’s, Ph.D., or Postdoc in STEM fields and want to explore the path required to go from research to market. By the end of the program, you will understand the entrepreneurial journey and mindset, and how to transform your idea into a marketable solution.

PHASE ONE : 3 Weeks

Discover the leading methodologies to disrupt markets

PHASE TWO : 8 Weeks

Explore potential markets for your technology.


Navigate the local ecosystem to start building your startup

Curated readings & interactive webinars
Methodologies to identify opportunities
Networking with renowned experts & District 3 startups
3 hours per week time commitment, online

Meet the team

Laila Benameur, Ph.D
Program Lead
Laila Benameur, Ph.D
Program Lead

Program Lead

Laila is leading the Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship program (QcSE) at District 3 Innovation Center. QcSE is an online lab-to-market program that helps PhDs, Post-Docs and Researchers to build world-changing tech companies derived from their academic research.

Laila Benameur is the co-founder of Impactful Health R&D, a startup that develops active packaging solutions to prolong the shelf life of fresh fish. Laila completed a Ph.D. in nanoscience and nanotoxicology from Aix-Marseille University. Following her graduation, she worked as a teaching assistant and postdoctoral researcher at McGill University, as well as a scientific recruitment consultant in industry.


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Who is eligible for QcSE?

The QcSE Program is open to any STEM researcher (Masters, Ph.D. and Postdocs) in Canada interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and the steps needed to commercialize research

What is the required time commitment?

The QcSE program was designed for researchers who are completing their studies full-time. With the online readings, work and interactive webinars, your maximum time commitment is three hours per week.

How much does it cost?

The QcSE Program is free, funded by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec (FRQ).

I am not based in Montreal. Can I still take part in the program?

The QcSE program is offered online.

Is the program offered in both English and French?

Yes, we offer the program in both languages.

When does the program start?

The program runs three times a year with a fall, winter, and spring cohort. Applications are open all year round. We will notify you of acceptance one week after the program deadline.

I already started building my research-based startup. Is this program right for me?

If you have already made the leap into entrepreneurship, there may be other programs that better suit your needs. Explore District 3’s programs for more information.